Frequently Asked Questions

Do i call Alliance to order? who do i order from to receive these low prices and rebates?

You continue to order and deal with suppliers direct in the same manner as you always have. We notify all Alliance suppliers that you are a member and you will receive our discounts and rebates.

Do i have to use a certain number of alliance suppliers?

Although it is strongly encouraged to support Alliance suppliers, there are no obligations. However, most members end up supporting several Alliance suppliers over time as the programs are very attractive and the savings significant.

How much does it cost to join and how often do i have to renew the membership?

There are no annual renewal or maintenance fees. No fees period!

How do i join right now? can i join online?

Yes, of course. Simply complete the online form and someone in our office will contact you immediately via email and activate your membership. It literally takes a few minutes and you are set for life.

How much can i expect to save using the Alliance program?

Alliance members are saving several thousands of dollars per year. We have seen a member save $10, 000 with our credit card processing program alone. Other members see their food costs drop 5%. Every member is different. One thing is for sure. If you use Alliance programs you will save a lot of time and money.

Why can't i get these prices on my own? Why do i need Alliance?

It's a full time job to maintain these deals.

You can try and you will get some great deals if you really work at it but ... Why not let the Alliance professional team of purchasers utilize their huge purchasing power they've built up for the past 16 years do the work for you.

What if I have other questions about the program?

We would be happy to talk! Email us at save@alliancepurchasing.com or call us at 877-266-2666