Gordon Food Service & Intercity Custom Meats

April 2018


Quality Crafted Meats: Convenience & Taste.

Many of you who attended the Gordon Food Service show last week will have tried these fantastic new products from Intercity Custom Meats. Fully cooked Burgers & Meat Balls have all of the convenience of frozen with all of the taste of FRESH! The GFS product codes are included on the attached information sheets. Throw a few cases on your next order. If you are not using Gordon Food Service please contact our office to arrange for a visit from a representative. You are truly missing out on this tremendous program.

Contact us today to get set up!

416 953 3693
877 266 2666



Fully-cooked Burgers Info Sheet

Fully-cooked Meatballs Info Sheet

If you are one of the few members still not taking advantage of our program with GFS please contact the ALLIANCE office and we will arrange for a representative to visit you. You are missing out on tremendously innovative products and huge savings!


Premier Suppliers

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