Take advantage of your membership

February 2017


Greetings ALLIANCE Members!

It’s here again, the season for change. Traditionally we see the greatest number of conversions to ALLIANCE suppliers in February. This is our busy season. This is when new members join and existing members have the time to review their purchasing practices to improve quality and their bottom line. We have the deals in place to make these improvements a reality.

If you are one of the few members not using our core programs - Gordon Food Service, Coca-Cola, ECOLAB, ALSCO Linen, Moneris & more - you are missing out on thousands of dollars in savings per year.

If we can lower your operating costs by even a small percentage, this translates into a huge annual savings.

To receive pricing and additional information from any of our suppliers simply contact our office via phone, email or text. You will be extremely glad you did.

Don’t miss out! Take advantage of your membership. The season is upon us!

Office: 1-877-266-2666
Mobile: 416-953-3693


Premier Suppliers

Our suppliers are the leaders in the food services business.