18 Years in the business...

A look back.


Eighteen years ago...

Eighteen years ago in July 1999 my dad and I decided to enter the purchasing group market in Ontario. We had the knowledge and experience to put together the best package of cost saving programs available at the time. It was very important to us to not just go after the lowest pricing available but to establish a team of high quality and respected suppliers that were willing to partner for the long term. Within the first few months we were up to over 75 members and from there the deals kept getting better and the membership continued to expand.

It is tremendous to look back and see that not only did we survive the first few years but quickly established ourselves as the leading purchasing group in Ontario. We are also extremely proud to still be with those same key suppliers that we initially partnered with 18 years ago.

I look forward to many more years of saving independent establishments time and money in Ontario as well as adding new value to the program by continuing to bring in new cost saving programs.

Brett Fowler
President, ALLIANCE Purchasing Services